A Calming Exhale Guided Meditation

calming exhale meditation Buddhist monk

Controlled breathing has been shown to have remarkable effects on your nervous system and can help you release stress. As BMX riders, we can often put ourselves into stressful situations and being able to control that stress and anxiety is a great idea, so here is a guided calming exhale meditation.

The beauty of this calming exhale meditation is that I can guide you via your headphones. No one at the skatepark will need to know that you are practising mindfulness if you feel self-conscious about taking a minute to yourself.

Controlling your breathing can allow you to

  • lower your blood pressure and heart rate
  • reduce your levels of stress hormones in your blood
  • reduced lactic acid build-up in your muscle tissue
  • balance levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood
  • improve your immune system functioning
  • increase your physical energy
  • increase your feelings of calm and wellbeing.

All things that, as a BMXer, I am sure you will be willing to try and see if it can help you to live a more free life. Give the calming exhale guided meditation a chance and see how you feel.

A quick note

The above are benefits that many people get. There are a few people who find that controlled breathing has negative effects. If you find you are starting to panic or hyperventilate, STOP. There are other ways to relax; you will need to try them instead.

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