What to Do When It Goes Wrong

first aid by stormtrooper

BMX can be as safe or as dangerous as you want it to be. You’ll learn to know what you can do and what you can do to progress. Sometimes though, it doesn’t all go to plan. That is why today, we are looking at the five senses exercise.

The Five Senses Exercise

The five sense mindful exercise is a great way to ground yourself after having a spill. At work, we use this after a crash to help bring kids back, and it is incredible how well this exercise can stop the tears. Obviously, this is not the end of first aid and now you need to check over yourself/the other person, but it is good skill to have in your first aid arsenal.

The Five Senses Order

  1. Notice five things you can see

Look around you and see what you can see. Try and look at the small things you never usually look at. A crack in the concrete, the asphalt pattern, and a shadow falling across the ground.

  1. Notice four things you can feel

Touch and feel things around you and bring awareness to them. How does the ground feel? Are your shoes smooth or textured? Can you feel the wind on you?

  1. Notice three things you can hear

Allow yourself to hear the noises around you. What noises are the birds making? Are there any insects buzzing around? Can you hear any cars?

  1. Notice two things you can smell

You often filter out smells, so take a moment and bring awareness to these smells. Can you smell food? Is the wind carrying any new scents to you?

  1. Notice one thing you can taste

What is one thing you can taste at this very moment? Do you have gum in there? Open your mouth and suck in the air; what can you taste? You can even sip a juice and investigate the flavour.

It is a simple mindfull exercise

The simplicity of this exercise is why we find it works well with kids. It is also quick enough for you to do with yourself. You don’t need to carry a worksheet, meditate, or carry around a lot of guidelines. It is a simple senses exercise that is easy to remember.

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