Be More Aware: In Praise of the Small Things

be aware in the moment with bmx

We’ve looked at small mindful exercises that we can do when out at spots or the skatepark; today, we’re going to try one that we can do anywhere. Mindfulness is described as being in the moment. To be in the moment, we have to be aware of the moment. Let us then become more aware.

Being mindfully aware

What do I mean by being in the moment? If you’ve ever heard the statement, “don’t let the future steal your present,” then you have the idea of what being in the moment is all about.

What we have to do is acknowledge our thoughts and do so without judgement. We can all do this. Sometimes, we lose the path and find it easier to get bogged down in negative thoughts.

What we do not want to do is ignore or deny our thoughts. We will accept them all, including negative thoughts. When we do this, we notice that our thoughts carry on down the river of our mind, and new ones float up to us. We are no longer getting carried down the rapids by dark thoughts.

How do we get our minds to this place?

As I said above, thinking and thoughts are natural, but switching to automatic and focusing on negative thoughts is easy. Many people involved in mindfulness talk about autopilot, and that is where we spend most of our day.

Become an active pilot in our life again. We will look at a simple awareness exercise.

When you are about to head out for a session, as you grab your door handle to leave, stop. Take a moment. Think about how you feel. Are you excited, nervous, or happy to be leaving? Where is opening the door going to take you?

When you’re at the spot, take a moment and touch a ledge, rail, quarter, or double. When you’re about to drop in or roll up. Put your hands on your grips and acknowledge your thoughts. How do you feel?

Appreciate your body and brain that are allowing you to ride BMX. Be thankful.

These are called touch points.

Anytime you have a negative thought, label it. You want to mark it as “unhelpful.” Then you’ll find the idea flows away and doesn’t hinder your day.

Now, you’ll be more mindful and aware.

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