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What is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness? The simple answer answer is being aware. We are not reacting and not allowing the world to overwhelm us. As people we are aware of what is happening and how we feel in that particular moment. We all have this ability, it is just that sometimes we find it easier to be on autopilot.

How can mindfulness help?

There is a cliche about being in the shower and you relive an argument, this time you manage to say all the things you wished you had said. You emerge from this argument in your head victorious. The problem is you now feel negatively about how you handled this argument in the past.

Doing this is not mindful. It shows how easy it is for us to get bogged down in obsessive thought about something we can’t change and an event that would have more than likely had a different outcome if we hadn’t reacted and had taken a moment to ourselves.

By utilising some fundamental mindfulness practices we can learn how to become more aware. We can stop our autopilot from guiding us down the path of arguing with ourselves in the shower, and other places. By becoming aware we can make the changes we need to make a success of our life.

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