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  • Five Super Quick Mindfulness Tips for You

    Five Super Quick Mindfulness Tips for You

    I have a few more mindfulness tips for you when you are at a skatepark or wherever you want to ride that day. You can use these tips in your everyday life to help you combat any anxious or nervous moments.

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  • Mindful Bike Maintenance

    Mindful Bike Maintenance

    As a BMX rider, I sometimes need to remember to take care of my bike. To be fair, the whole sport is based on us trying hard to destroy our bikes. Our bikes then need a little TLC, and we can do so mindfully.

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  • The Loading Bay, Glasgow Mindful BMX Session

    The Loading Bay, Glasgow Mindful BMX Session

    BMX Aware will return to The Loading Bay in Glasgow on Sunday, 28th May, at 10 am. The sessions costs £5 for 2 hours, and you get free bike and helmet hire included in the price. Practising mindful BMX at the skatepark can greatly enhance your overall experience and improve your riding skills. Mindfulness involves…

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  • Super Easy Mindful Meditation For You to Try

    Super Easy Mindful Meditation For You to Try

    Time, it is sadly becoming a luxury good. Work is grinding us down, and the idea is that our hobbies should be a side hustle rather than for enjoyment. I was hoping you could turn your hobby around and use it to bring control back to your life through mindfulness meditation.

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  • Inspiring Healthy Mindfulness Classes Starting in Glasgow

    Inspiring Healthy Mindfulness Classes Starting in Glasgow

    Do you want to try mindfulness? Do you want to try a class in Glasgow or the surrounding areas? Well, I have just the thing for you. Mindfulness classes based around BMX.

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  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Overcoming Anxiety

    I’ve probably talked about this before, but skateparks can be a great place to raise your anxiety levels. Many moons ago, I managed to bash my head, and it has given me a lot of issues in the intervening years. Migraines, nausea, mental health, I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt, so I took a…

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  • A BMXers Present Moment Meditation

    A BMXers Present Moment Meditation

    As BMX riders being in the present moment has multiple benefits for us, and is one of the key reasons we practice mindfulness. Being in the moment helps us to be healthier and happier, both of which help contribute to a better session, which is further supported by feeling more energised if we practice staying…

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  • A Calming Exhale Guided Meditation

    A Calming Exhale Guided Meditation

    Controlled breathing has been shown to have remarkable effects on your nervous system and can help you release stress. As BMX riders, we can often put ourselves into stressful situations and being able to control that stress and anxiety is a great idea, so here is a guided calming exhale meditation.

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  • You Should Mindfully Wake Up

    You Should Mindfully Wake Up

    So far, in the other blog posts, we have talked of exercises to try when you are out of the house; what about one to try in the house? Mindfully waking up is a great way to get yourself ready for the day, no matter what you are going to do.

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  • The Skatepark: A Mindfulness Guide

    The Skatepark: A Mindfulness Guide

    One of the most anxious times you can have as a BMXer is going to a new skatepark, trails, street spot, or even just a car park. We’ve all been there and know the anxious feels. Sometimes, trying something new is scary, be it a moment of hesitation or a full-on panic attack. We’ll look…

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