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  • Burnout Sucks

    Burnout Sucks

    Burnout, it often seems like the modern world is determined to make this a characteristic of our daily lives. Recently I’ve been giving myself a little bit of imposter syndrome. I work and teach people about mental health while at the same time letting mine dive off the side of a cliff. Sometimes we forget […]

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  • The Two Wolves Inside You

    The Two Wolves Inside You

    There is a story, often attributed to Native Americans, about people having two wolves inside them. In some ways, it is now a cliche to talk about them, but I still find people who have missed the tale, and I feel it is worth a look.

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  • The Fear: A Mindfulness Journey

    The Fear: A Mindfulness Journey

    One of the questions I get asked is why I like mindfulness and how did I come to want to bring it to the masses. Like many people, I came to mindfulness after a mental health crisis. It will take a little explaining, and hopefully, the story won’t bore you too much. Years ago, I […]

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