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  • A BMXers Present Moment Meditation

    A BMXers Present Moment Meditation

    As BMX riders being in the present moment has multiple benefits for us, and is one of the key reasons we practice mindfulness. Being in the moment helps us to be healthier and happier, both of which help contribute to a better session, which is further supported by feeling more energised if we practice staying […]

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  • Burnout Sucks

    Burnout Sucks

    Burnout, it often seems like the modern world is determined to make this a characteristic of our daily lives. Recently I’ve been giving myself a little bit of imposter syndrome. I work and teach people about mental health while at the same time letting mine dive off the side of a cliff. Sometimes we forget […]

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  • The Two Wolves Inside You

    The Two Wolves Inside You

    There is a story, often attributed to Native Americans, about people having two wolves inside them. In some ways, it is now a cliche to talk about them, but I still find people who have missed the tale, and I feel it is worth a look.

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  • The Fear: A Mindfulness Journey

    The Fear: A Mindfulness Journey

    One of the questions I get asked is why I like mindfulness and how did I come to want to bring it to the masses. Like many people, I came to mindfulness after a mental health crisis. It will take a little explaining, and hopefully, the story won’t bore you too much. Years ago, I […]

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