Hi – I’m Neil, and simply I’m running a mindful BMX programme.

I’ve been part of Socialtrack for a while, and in that time I’ve felt Socialtrack needed a programme that delved deeper into mental health. Thanks to a grant from the NHS Community Wellbeing fund I am now able to bring you mindful sessions and BMX combined.

Why do this?

BMX is a great tool for a mindful experience as you have to be in the moment when you ride, you can’t just be on autopilot when you’re flying around a skatepark or a pump track. You’ll then be able to discover what being fully aware can do for your life and how you navigate the world.

As there is a strong mental component to BMX, you’ll find moments where negative thoughts impede your progress. I’ll help you develop strategies to help you deal with these negative thoughts. We won’t suppress them, we will release our tensions.