Pain Relief: A Meditation for BMXers

meditation by point for pain relief

As BMX riders, we are liable to have a slam occasionally. The slam may sometimes come with a small dose of pain. Rather than just grabbing some painkillers, what if we tried to use the power of our mind through meditation to ease our pain and reframe how we are feeling?

The Script

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Today, we will be looking at a meditation to help you through moments of pain. As BMX riders, we are all bound to have a slam and give ourselves some painful moments from time to time. Rather than just hitting the ibuprofen and carrying on, perhaps it is worth trying to use our mind to help, rather than just ingesting chemicals.
Obviously, if you need serious medical help, please get it.
Pain can be very hard to handle, but many times when we create a mental image of our suffering, we tend to aggravate this pain, thus increasing it.
Then, every time we feel this sensation, we will have a negative thought attached to it on a conscious and subconscious level.
We will use the following meditation techniques to help you to change the mental image that has been created from this pain and instead implement a peaceful association with pleasant visualizations that will create a warmer bonding between you and your body’s sensations.
This allows you to accept and allow instead of fight and push away. The less we struggle, the easier it will become. The first few times you try this meditation, it may not work as well as you hope. With practice and an open mind, you will start to feel the benefits.
Make sure that you are in a very comfortable position.
Sit down or lie down if that feels good for you; however, you need to position yourself so that none of your muscles are activated or tense; you need to be in a neutral position.
Every part of your body can rest and feel completely relaxed during this meditation.
Begin by taking 5 deep breaths to help you relax into the meditation.
Full breath in…… and let it go
2 ……
Fully inhale……… and exhale
3…….. breathe in as much as you can……
and let it go, feeling a wave of relaxation come over you
4……. .inhale deeply…….. and exhale, feeling invigorated
5…….. last one, fully inhale………
and exhale, feeling any tension loosen up and your body feeling extremely relaxed.
And just allow your breath to slow and flow naturally now, don’t try to change anything about it.
Just notice the calmness that these 5 breaths have gifted you.
Notice how your body breathes without you doing anything at all.
Begin to feel any sensations that you associate with your pain.
Bring them into your awareness and allow the feelings to multiply.
You are completely safe and secure,
It’s ok to allow these sensations to arise, they will not harm you.
Put all of your focus on these areas, really feel their exact position, and the quality of the sensations.
What is your the pain feeling at this moment?
Is it stinging, tingling, or burning?
Perhaps it’s like something else….. in your mind, describe every detail, and then sit with it, be entirely with it while it presents itself.
Don’t do anything about the pain but feel it.
Allow the sensations to grow, and don’t stop them, just see what they do.
Notice the details of changes the sensations make.
Good. You are doing so well.
Now switch your focus and bring into your mind’s eye a vision of a place you love to go or have been to that is very serene and peaceful for you.
It could be an imaginary place, like on top of a gorgeous mountain, or somewhere you frequently go, like a nearby walk.
Your favourite place could be as simple as your warm cosy bed beside a loved one.
Wherever this place is for you, see it vividly right now.
Start by visualizing all the physical aspects of this place.
Where are you?
What do you see when you look up?
If you are outside, it could be the sky, and if you are in a safe room somewhere, it could be the ceiling.
Notice everything you see when you look up.
Now look down and at your feet.
What does the ground look like below you
Gaze all around this favourite place of yours, making the colours bright and vivid.
Make out even more details now, like the leaves on the trees and plants or the things that are placed around the room.
Do you notice any patterns anywhere?
They could be patterns in nature, like how things grow, or the patterns of fabrics and objects in a room.
Notice every pattern you can find in great detail.
The more details you can imagine, the better.
How dark, or light out is it?
What time of the day do you think it is, and make a judgement about the sun’s position in the sky?
Which way is the light of the sun coming into your imagination?
Look at all of the beautiful things that make this place so enjoyable for you.
Use your visual creativity of this place for the next several moments.
Now you are going to bring about the sensations this beautiful spot offers.
Start by tapping your feet on the ground, is the surface hard or soft?
Feel the ground below you here with your feet, noticing anything you can about it.
Become aware of the temperature in this place.
Is it cool, or warm or hot?
Is there a breeze blowing or is the air calm and still.
Can you feel the sun on your skin?
Sit with these sensations for a few moments and enjoy them.
Are there any smells here?
If you are on a beach, maybe you can smell the salty air, or if you are in a forest, the smell of nature.
Just notice how your sense of smell can create sensations of aromas for you when you put your mind to it.
What about sounds?
Bring fully into this experience any sounds that surround you here.
Perhaps you can hear a loved one nearby; perhaps you are alone and can hear the sounds that nature creates for you.
Vividly hear any sounds in this experience.
Sit with these senses activated for a few moments, and begin interacting with your environment.
To relax even further, become aware of what you are doing here.
Are you sitting down and relaxing or walking around and exploring?
Are you doing exactly what you love and want to do?
See yourself being completely relaxed and happy here.
There’s no need to do anything here but relax and enjoy it.
Be assured that this place is always here for you to keep you safe if you need to flee from pain.
Take another slow and deep breath in….. , and as you exhale, you feel at complete peace with yourself and all of the sensations in your body.
As I speak these words to you, you are changing the mental images associated with your pain.
Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the sensations in your body, repeat this exercise to accept the pain and change the thoughts associated with it.
When you use this technique, you will stop the pain from becoming aggravated and growing
When you vividly visualize a safe and peaceful place in moments of distress, you are slowing down your pulse and blood pressure, creating a peaceful and strong connection to your body and mind.
Allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings slowly, and whenever you are ready, open your eyes, ready to go about your day peacefully.

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