Excited to Be at the Skatepark

barspin on a bmx bike at the skatepark

In a previous article, I discussed being anxious about going to the skatepark; today, I’m going to look at the opposite end of the spectrum, being too excited. Being ready to rush straight in can have some unintended consequences, and taking a moment before jumping in can save you from a bad experience.

The skatepark

You’ve just turned up at a new park, spot, or trails and are ready to dive straight in. You shouldn’t. I can understand that feeling where you are buzzing, and you just want to enjoy yourself.

It is a great practice to take a moment, relax, and see what the locals using the area are doing. Look at the lines they are taking, the speed they are going at, and see where is busy and where is not.

Then I want you to sit on your bike.

Take a comfortable position.

Let your thoughts come to you, acknowledge them and let them pass.

Focus on your breathing for six breaths. How is your body moving and responding to each breath? What is your belly and lungs doing? Find your breathing pattern and anchor yourself into it.

Now is the time to expand your awareness from your body outwards.

Feel the wind against your skin. Notice if your body is clenched if you are anxious. Keep your body as a whole, it is your vessel.

Slowly start to include the skatepark, or the spot you are at, in your awareness. Notice the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures of the objects you can see. Be present at this moment.

Now, it is time to take part.

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